Here at Thornton Medical Centre, we take complaints and feedback seriously. All internal and external complaints will be addressed by the Practice Manager Tori Covic or the Director Dr Touraj Jafari.

The complaint process is:

Fair – This means that both the person complaining (the complainant) and the person being complained about (the respondent) should have the opportunity to present their version of events, provide supporting information and respond to any potential negative decisions. In addition, the person investigating and/ or making decisions about the complaint should be impartial; that is, he or she should not favour the complainant or the respondent or prejudge the complaint in any way.

Confidential – This means that information about a complaint is only provided to those people who need to know about it, in order for the complaint to be actioned properly.

Transparent – The complaint process and the possible outcomes of the complaint should be clearly explained and those involved should be kept informed of the progress of the complaint and the reasons for any decisions.

Accessible – The complaint process should be easy to access and understand, and everyone should be able to participate equally. For example, an employee may require a language interpreter to understand and participate or a person with a disability may need information provided in a specific format.

Efficient – The complaint process should be conducted without undue delay. As time passes, information relevant to the complaint may deteriorate or be lost, which will impact on the fairness of the process. In addition, unresolved complaints can have a negative and ongoing impact on a workplace.

Thornton Medical Centre complaint process will also include provisions to:

• protect employees from being victimised because they have made a complaint

• protect employees from vexatious and malicious complaints

• ensure appropriate confidential records are kept about complaints and that this information is stored and managed appropriately

The process of completing a formal complaint are as follows:

  1. Identify the issue with the practice manager.
  2. Lodge a complaint either by filling out the complaints form or supplying the nature and detail of the complaint in writing.
  3. Supply all evidence for your complaint. (The more information provided, the quicker the complaint can be resolved. Remember to detail date, time, who was involved, who witnessed, names)
  4. Allow the complaints officer to investigate (pending on the nature of the complaint this can be from 1-5 business days)
  5. Read the response from the complaints officer and respond if required

Complaints can be emailed directly to the practice manager:

For more information you can contact:

Australian Human Rights Commission

Level 3, 175 Pitt Street SYDNEY NSW 2000

GPO Box 5218 SYDNEY NSW 2001

Telephone: (02) 9284 9600

National Information Service: 1300 656 419

TTY: 1800 620 241



From October 1st 2023 we will only be bulking billing children 15 years and below and pension card holders 70 years and older for standard and long consultations. All other consultations or procedures will be private billed including Mental Health Care Plans.